After Her Sister-In-Law Made A Nasty Comment About Her, She Kicked Her Out And Forced Her To Fly Home From Vacation Early

fizkes - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman has a half-brother named James, 37.

James and his wife, Lindsay, 35, have two children: a 4-year-old daughter and a son who’s 2 years old.

Last week, she invited James and his family to visit, and they’d originally planned to stay with her until next week Friday.

“Lindsay and I have always got on fine, except for the fact that she’s always had a weird attitude to me being a stay-at-home wife and mother. She always asks me if I’m going to ask my husband before making non-essential purchases, asks me if I feel bad for relaxing while he’s working, or suggests I do things for him as a ‘thank you’ to him since I’m apparently not doing anything else,” she said.

James and Lindsay’s marriage is quite different, and they both split the costs of things. When they go out, James pays for himself and the children, but Lindsay pays for herself despite the fact that James’ salary is 25 times more than hers.

Since it seems like James and Lindsay are happy and that’s the arrangement that they’re comfortable with, she tries to brush off Lindsay’s rude comments. She assumes that since Lindsay’s marriage is so vastly different, Lindsay must just think her marriage is strange and is questioning the way she and her husband do things.

But several days ago, while James, Lindsay, and their children were visiting, Lindsay’s comments were even more offensive than usual.

“We were sitting on our rooftop drinking wine after the kids went to bed. Lindsay was admiring the view and made a comment about how much our apartment cost (James must have told her) and asked if my name was on the deed. She then said, ‘Half of this (X amount) penthouse just for hooking up? Intimacy is way more lucrative than I thought.’ Both my husband and James laid into her for the comment. I was obviously furious and told Lindsay first thing in the morning, she had to get out. She wasn’t staying here after speaking to me like that, especially when she wasn’t even apologetic,” she explained.

They all went to sleep after that, and in the morning, Lindsay asked if she could stay at her house. Lindsay told her that James didn’t want to cut the trip short because he wanted to stay. Apparently, Lindsay couldn’t afford to get a room at a nearby hotel.

fizkes – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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