Five Days Before Her Wedding, Her Mother-In-Law Told Her Young Son That She Didn’t Like His Dad Anymore, So She Uninvited Her From The Wedding, But Her Mother-In-Law Showed Up Anyway

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Gaining a mother-in-law who supports you and loves you is a wonderful gift. However, if your partner’s mother doesn’t seem to like you, this can be a painful and difficult relationship to navigate.

Last week, this woman, 28, got married to her 29-year-old husband, who she has been dating since they were in high school.

Unfortunately, before they got married, her mother-in-law made rude comments about how she didn’t think they should be together in the first place.

“First, it started off small, like her saying, ‘Why are you guys getting married? My baby boy can find so much better.’ She has even gone so far as spamming my husband’s phone, saying to call off the wedding and how he can find a better wife than me,” she said.

Since the beginning of her relationship with her husband, his mother hasn’t been kind or even tried to give her a chance. His mother has constantly disrespected her and called her names.

“She refuses to believe that her son is my child’s baby daddy and has gone as far as to say to my 5-year-old son that my husband is not his father. That’s impossible because my husband and I are high school sweethearts, and I haven’t done anything with anyone else since he and I started dating,” she explained.

Five days before she and her husband got married, her mother-in-law’s behavior escalated.

“She decided it would be a good idea to tell my son that ‘Mommy doesn’t like Daddy anymore.’ I found this out because he went running and crying to his dad, saying that I don’t love his daddy anymore,” she shared.

After this, she and her husband discussed it and came to the conclusion that they shouldn’t allow his mother to come to their wedding.

photographmd – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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