He Got His Teacher Fired For Making Him Uncomfortable At School, But Now All The Other Students Hate Him

Yuriy Shevtsov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young man is 16-years-old and currently a junior in high school. At his school, there also used to be one female English teacher who was beloved by all of the other students.

“She was my teacher, too,” he recalled.

But, basically, as soon as he had a class taught by that teacher, she began acting extremely weird toward him.

For instance, she started to call him “cute” and even asked him to visit her classroom for lunch sometimes. According to him, his teacher did other strange things, too, but he did not disclose what.

“It was making me really uncomfortable,” he admitted.

So, he decided to confide in his parents about the situation, and they were understandably pretty worried about his safety. That’s why his parents wanted to speak with his principal if he was okay with that.

He ultimately agreed that they should get the principal involved, too, and they went to a meeting the following day.

Well, his principal claimed that the school would look into the complaint, and after they did, they actually wound up firing his English teacher.

Now, he has no clue how other students at his school found out about his complaint, but they did. So, everyone knows he was the reason that his teacher got fired and what he told the school, and all of his classmates apparently hate him now.

Yuriy Shevtsov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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