He Really Upset His Daughter After He Questioned Her About Being Bullied By The Boys In Her Class, Because He Was Concerned About If She Was Telling The Truth

Elena - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 38-year-old guy has a daughter who is 10-years-old. He says she’s a sweet kid, but she has always acted like boys are pretty gross, and she always tells him the boys she goes to school with are “dirty.”

Although his daughter isn’t at an age where she likes boys at all, she does have one single boy in her group of friends.

Right now, his daughter is on summer vacation, but she’s going back to school in September. Recently, he was talking to his daughter about if she’s excited to go back to school this fall, and she said that she adores her teacher and her class but would rather it be summer.

His daughter added that the boys really make fun of her, and it does make her feel sad.

“I was obviously concerned and asked her if she ever told her teacher about it, and she said no because it happens when teachers are not looking, and she does not want to get in trouble for lying,” he explained.

“So I asked her follow-up questions about what they did, and she mentioned many things like putting snot in her hair and mocking how she dresses (she likes girly clothes, but I am sure many other girls in her class do that too).”

“This seemed almost outrageous, and I know kids like to omit the other side of the story, so given her views on boys, I was suspecting maybe she was also making fun of them.”

His daughter insisted that she had not done anything to warrant the behavior of the boys and that the boys had just been mean to her outright.

After asking his daughter some questions, she got upset with him and ran away, but not after saying he clearly did not believe that she was being bullied.

Elena – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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