Her Boyfriend Has Been Nonstop Texting His Female Coworker On Vacation, And It’s Like This Girl Is His Side Chick

eak8dda - - illustrative purposes only

This 23-year-old girl and her 27-year-old boyfriend are on vacation at this exact moment. While vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, she is not having a nice time at all.

Their vacation began 3 days prior, and ever since, her boyfriend has been nonstop texting his female coworker.

It doesn’t matter if she and her boyfriend are out drinking or eating or if they are hanging out by the pool; he’s texting his coworker.

She finally asked her boyfriend to put down the phone and try to spend some alone time with her.

He agreed to limit his texting, but several minutes after their conversation, he went right back to responding to whatever his coworker had sent to him.

She repeatedly asked her boyfriend to stop as the days wore on, and she really did her best to remain patient and kind as she kept saying it.

Still, her boyfriend would not hear her out and continued on as usual. Finally, this morning, she was having breakfast with her boyfriend by the pool, and he began speaking about his coworker while he was texting this girl.

Then, an hour ago, they were spending time at the pool, and although she tried to strike up a conversation with her boyfriend, he was on his phone, distracted.

She got up to see what he was doing, and sure enough, he was texting his coworker. Once more, she requested that her boyfriend put down the phone.

eak8dda – – illustrative purposes only

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