Her Cousin Screamed At Her And Then Kicked Her Out of Her Wedding For Bringing Her Service Dog, A Doberman, Along

Kate - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Service dogs are crucial for the lives of many. For instance, this 20-year-old woman’s Doberman, Angel, helps her so much on a daily basis.

While not diabetic, she is susceptible to pancreatic attacks due to hypoglycemia unawareness. She has ADHD, and this can cause her to forget to eat for a few days. She has struggled with an eating disorder from sixth through eleventh grade and also has issues with object permanence. Because of this, it’s easier for her to remember to eat bright candy as opposed to taking plain-looking pills.

Angel reminds her to eat sugar to avoid passing out. And even though Angel is a bit of an intimidating breed to some people, he is a wonderful service dog. He’s well-trained, loves to play, and has never bitten anyone. Most important of all, Angel prevents her from getting hurt.

Her cousin Chloe, 26, got married recently, and while Chloe is aware of her health issues, she wasn’t the most accommodating prior to the wedding.

“Chloe is a health nut. No sugar, no fat, no carbs kind of health nut. She asked me not to bring my service dog because of his breed, and she said that Angel would scare her and her future husband’s kids, and her toddler is afraid of large dogs after being barked at in his face,” she explained.

As a wedding gift, she had put together a slideshow, and the music to go with it was on her laptop. It took several days’ worth of work.

“I had to be at the wedding. I told her I needed to be provided with sugar all night, in the form of several soft drinks or candies, or I would bring Angel with me, along with my own sugar, and she told me, ‘Fine, but you can live without junk for one night,'” she shared.

The morning of the wedding, she received a copy of the menu. Unfortunately, there weren’t any options, both for the food and drinks, that had any sugar at all, including the cake. The phrase “No exceptions” was also written at the bottom of the menu, expressing that no sugar would be served at the wedding, including in the wedding cake.

Because of this, she knew she had to take Angel with her to the wedding. So, she got dressed, put gummy candies in her computer case so that her sugar could be regulated quickly, and put Angel in his harness.

Kate – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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