Her Niece Inherited A Ton of Money, Went Off To College, And Cut Her Sister Out of Her Life, But When Her Sister Got Upset, She Just Laughed At Her

highwaystarz - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s a shame when kids and their parents don’t have good relationships whatsoever.

One woman recently couldn’t help but laugh at her sister, who was somehow shocked when her young daughter cut her off for being an absent parent.

She has a sister who married rich and had a baby girl mostly because she figured she had to in order to have a well-rounded life. 

Unfortunately, she never evolved into a great parent and was emotionally absent for most of her daughter’s life growing up. 

“Truthfully, she never looked after her own daughter for a single day,” she said.

“Even on things like Christmas, she would go to parties, and her daughter would celebrate with us. We all knew her daughter wouldn’t have any semblance of a relationship with her. As she got older, my sister would talk to her, but it was never about things she liked.”

For instance, her sister once bought her niece a trip to Disney as a way to buy her affection, but she wasn’t even aware that her daughter was terrified of theme parks.

Her brother-in-law hasn’t been around for her niece either, as he travels for work and is rarely home.

Now, her niece is all grown up at 18-years-old. She recently went to college and is set to make a life of her own, especially after receiving a lot of money through her late grandfather’s inheritance.

highwaystarz – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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