Her Worst Date Ever Involved A Guy Taking Pictures of Her Legs And Then Sending Them To Her Later

igor tsarev - - illustrative purposes only

Dating can be tricky, especially in today’s world with dating apps and social media. Sometimes, we do luck out and meet great people. But other times, we end up on some really terrible dates that we wish we hadn’t gone on in the first place.

Several weeks ago, this woman met a man on Instagram, and after talking for a while, they decided to meet up in person.

Like most people going on a first date, she wanted to make a good impression. She wore a short dress that accentuated her legs.

However, right from the start, the date didn’t go well.

“We went for a walk, and I was the only one who was trying to talk. He was quiet for most of the time, and I noticed that he kept staring at my legs, and it made me uncomfortable,” she shared.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, her date’s behavior got even creepier.

“Suddenly, he asked me if he could take pictures of my legs, and I thought he was joking, so I just laughed. Then, I noticed that he was being serious about that, and I got scared and uncomfortable,” she explained.

Immediately after that, she told him she had to leave, which was clearly the right decision based on what he’d asked her.

“When I left, I saw him taking pictures of my legs, but I ignored him because all I wanted was to go home,” she said.

igor tsarev – – illustrative purposes only

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