He’s Refusing To Let His Cousin Into His New House Because, 10 Years Ago, His Cousin Stole $2,000 Worth of Video Games From Him

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About 10 years ago, when this man was 16-years-old, he let his cousin into his house. Then, the following day, he realized that every single one of his video games that his cousin handled was mysteriously missing.

“My cousin took the discs from the cases, and who knows what happened to the discs after that,” he recalled.

The worst part was that some of those video games were very rare and no longer in production. So, he lost about $2,000 worth of video games that day.

That’s why he decided to tell his cousin’s father– his uncle– about what happened. Yet, after his mom found out about that, she didn’t even back him up.

Instead, she actually called his uncle and claimed that because he had Asperger’s, he didn’t “really know” whether or not his cousin had stolen the video games.

“And my cousin got away with stealing from me because of that,” he revealed.

Later on, his mom did admit to lying to his uncle. But she claimed to have done it because she was worried about his cousin getting grounded for the entire summer and suffering from bad mental health– which she thought justified her actions.

Anyway, that was a decade ago, and he now owns his own home. However, he absolutely refuses to let his cousin go over to his house until he gets an apology for the theft.

His family thinks he’s just acting childish, though, since he’s holding a grudge against his cousin– who was just a child when he stole from him.

eak8dda – illustrative purposes only

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