He’s Talking About The Time A Girl Claimed She Had Only Gone On A Date With Him For The Free Food

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Some men tend to work themselves into a frenzy over the idea that women they take on dates might scam them out of their hard-earned cash just to be able to get free food.

This has led many women to split the check on dates so that they’re not accused of being swindlers. While the majority of women don’t go out with men for such shady purposes, there is a handful who do.

A study published by the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science showed that about a quarter of the one thousand women who were surveyed said they had gone on dates solely for the tantalizing prospect of getting free food.

There are various reasons why women might go out with a guy they’re not interested in just to use him as a free meal ticket.

For instance, money could be tight at home, and buying groceries is out of the question. Or she just wanted to try the trendy new restaurant without paying for it out of her own pocket.

A TikTok user named Glen (@the.lifeofglen) is briefly discussing the time a girl claimed she had only gone out with him for the free food.

To be clear, he does not believe that all girls are dating for free food, but it does happen occasionally.

So he went on a couple of dates with a girl, and after their second date, she later admitted to a mutual friend of theirs that she had only gone out with him for the free food.

Glen pointed out that she sure seemed to have gone to a lot of trouble for a free ice cream that didn’t cost more than five dollars. On their second date, they hung out for three hours and even made out at the end.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only

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