His Children Are Furious With Him For Considering Giving His Deceased Son’s $3 Million Dollar Estate To His Fiancée, And For Allowing Her To Continue Living In His $1 Million Dollar Apartment

Victor zastol'skiy - illustrative purposes only

In the country where this 69-year-old man lives, only blood relatives and married partners of the deceased are able to legally inherit anything.

According to the laws, “common law partners, long-term partners, and fiancés/fiancées” are not included in this.

A year ago, one of his four children, his oldest son, James, 48, tragically died in a horrific accident.

“He was child-free, and he lived with his long-term girlfriend, Sarah, 39, of 15 years. He is a very successful business owner. He proposed to Sarah a few weeks before his passing. They were supposed to have been married this summer. If they were married, Sarah would have inherited everything since he has no children, but since there was no paper, I inherited his whole estate,” he said.

James’ estate is worth over $3 million.

Understandably, the past year has been incredibly difficult for his family and Sarah as they’ve been grieving this terrible loss. He and Sarah visit James’ grave every morning together, and Sarah brings breakfast along so that they can eat together.

Despite seeing her every day, he still hasn’t brought up the topic of James’ estate.

“I got to know this amazing woman, and I got what my son saw in her. They were madly in love with each other,” he shared.

James and Sarah had lived together in James’ apartment before he passed away. Since he died, Sarah has continued living in the apartment.

Victor zastol’skiy – illustrative purposes only

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