His Cousin Laced Into Him For Missing Her Glamorous Wedding Because His Kids Were Not Invited

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This man’s cousin got married recently, and he and his partner had been invited to her wedding. Apparently, his cousin was marrying into a rich family, and the wedding was going to make that quite evident.

“Her new husband’s dad rented out the country club ballroom, hired gourmet chefs, and paid for an open bar. The whole nine yards and then some. It was going to be a high-end, glamorous event, much more so than anyone in my family has ever experienced (my 20-person wedding was catered by my mom and granny, for comparison, which was normal for the rest of the family),” he shared.

Naturally, he and the rest of the family were really excited about the wedding since it was going to be so extravagant.

However, when he received his invitation in the mail, he realized that it was going to be a child-free wedding. He and his partner have two children who are out of infancy but are still under 6-years-old.

“We didn’t really want to leave our kids behind with a sitter (and have never actually used a sitter before, so we didn’t even know where to begin finding one), so we RSVP’ed ‘no’ and sent her a gift from her registry,” he explained.

After that, the fact that he and his partner weren’t attending the wedding came up in conversation with some of his family members when his cousin wasn’t around. During the conversation with his family, he and his partner were upfront and said that they declined the invitation because it was a child-free wedding.

“We didn’t hear another word about it until a week or so after the wedding when my cousin sent me a scathing text telling me how hurt she was that we didn’t show up to the most important day in her life and mocking up with how it was so much better than our wedding was (my partner and I were married when she was a teenager, but she was there), and how we missed out on such an amazing time because we are obsessed with our kids and wouldn’t leave them for a few hours,” he said.

His cousin texted him these horrible things at 1:30 a.m., so he wondered if alcohol was involved. He noted that she’d kept quiet until this point, so she must have been angry but didn’t lash out until she was drinking late at night.

As of yet, he hasn’t responded to his cousin’s text message, and he so far has no plans to do so. He worried that maybe he’d made some sort of “social faux pas.”

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only

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