His Son’s College Sports Team Sold Steamy Calendars To Raise Money For Charity, But While He’s Proud of The Team’s Ingenuity, His Wife Is Devastated

Marco - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 45-year-old guy has a son named Cole, who is currently a freshman college athlete. So, right now, his son has been getting a head start on training.

Cole’s sports team also happened to hear about a British college rowing team that puts together a steamy calendar of all their teammates in order to raise money.

This calendar trend has even become pretty famous. That’s why his son’s team got together and ultimately decided to do the same thing.

According to him, the calendar featured “A+ photography,” had very high-quality printing, and was overall a “slick” product.

Since releasing the calendars, they have even sold extremely well on campus, too.

“At this point, it’s going to be on pretty much every girl’s dorm wall– and some guys’ walls as well. They’ve made decent money to help fund the team, but most donated to a children’s cancer charity, which is pretty amazing,” he explained.

He and his wife, however, had no clue about the calendar until Cole visited home and proudly showed off his feature in it– which was for the month of May.

At that point, he detailed how his wife almost had a stroke and started weeping, wailing, and hyperventilating.

She claimed to be “too mortified for words” and couldn’t believe that a ton of college girls would have a photo of “her baby” on their walls. Not to mention, his wife was also concerned about what her friends would think of the calendar.

Marco – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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