Houseplants May Not Be Able To Live Forever, But It Is Possible For Them To Outlive You, And Here Are A Few Plants Known For Their Long Lifespans

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Your houseplants may not be able to live forever, but it is possible for them to outlive you. In fact, houseplants are able to live for centuries! The oldest houseplant ever documented is an Eastern Cape cycad located in London’s Kew Gardens that’s over 200-years-old. It was potted back in 1775 and is still alive today.

As you can see, plants can live for many years under the right conditions and with some help from humans. If you have a plant that stays alive long enough to be passed down to the next generation, it is considered an heirloom plant. Interested in growing an heirloom plant? Here is a list of houseplants known for their long lifespans.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is the most common plant to be passed through a family. It has an average lifespan of twenty to thirty years, but when it receives care of the highest quality, it can live for over a hundred years, gracing your holidays with colorful blooms for generations.


Succulents are popular with indoor and outdoor gardeners alike because they’re incredibly easy to care for. They can survive for weeks without water, which is good news if you’re prone to forgetfulness.

The lifespan of succulents varies from species to species, but on average, they live for five to ten years. A jade plant can live for seventy to one hundred years!

Spider Plant

When spider plants are well-cared for, they can thrive for twenty to fifty years. They are very forgiving and can tolerate both under and over-watering. They also look great in hanging baskets! If you put in the effort, you could have a beautiful plant hanging in your home for decades.

neonshot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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