In 1725, King George I Came Across A Feral Boy In A Forest, And He Became Something of A “Human Pet”

But when a fire broke out at a building that housed inmates, Peter was identified among the group during the evacuation. After that, a brass collar was made for Peter to prevent any more mishaps. The collar was inscribed with his name and address.

Peter lived a long and comfortable life at the farm. He had a habit of going straight to bed after a meal of bread and butter. He also developed a taste for alcohol.

In 1785, Peter passed away. By then, he was well into his seventies. He was buried in a churchyard, and a brass plate engraved with his picture and description was mounted in the church in his memory.

Today, Peter is thought to have had a rare genetic disorder called Pitt-Hopkins syndrome. The condition causes those who have it to experience intellectual and developmental delays.

An analysis of a large painting of Peter conducted by the Institute of Child Health in 2011 led to this conclusion. Peter’s physical features, such as his short stature and hooded eyelids, were telltale signs of the disorder.

In addition, two of the fingers on his left hand were fused together, although this detail was not depicted in the analyzed portrait.

So Peter the Wild Boy was not raised by wolves after all. We now know that his behavior was due to a medical condition.

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