She Embarrassed Her Teen Son When She Decided To Play A Joke On Him In Front of His Friends

annawin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 44-year-old woman has a 15-year-old son named Alex, who is really not acting that nice to their family right now.

One of Alex’s favorite things to do is to walk past her and her 13-year-old daughter Abby when they’re watching TV and pass gas.

This really ruins everything for her and Abby, and they have both asked Alex to cut it out, but he keeps on doing it.

Well, a few days ago, she was cleaning out their garage when she came across a couple of old whoopee cushions, and she knew she needed to use them to play a joke on Alex.

“Later that day, Alex brought home about four of his friends to hang out,” she explained. “Before they headed down to the basement, I asked for a chat in our living room.”

“When Alex attempted to take a seat, I asked him to sit next to me, and he accepted. As he was about to sit, I placed the whoopee cushion under him, and you can imagine everyone’s reaction.”

“Alex laughed at the time, but later that evening, after his friends had left, he told me and my husband, (Mike, 47M) that this was the most embarrassing thing to happen to him in his life.”

She did say sorry to Alex for pulling the prank on him in the first place, but as she apologized, she couldn’t hide a grin.

That only made Alex more upset. Meanwhile, Mike just made a remark to Alex that he messed around and pretty much got what he deserved.

annawin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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