She Had A Sweet Moment Bonding With Another Woman On A Plane Over Makeup

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only

Most people find traveling to be an exciting adventure but dread the actual plane ride itself. The often mundane task has many wishing that they could just be at their destination already.

But you never know who you are going to bump into on an airplane, and you may even end up with a new friend!

TikTok creator and makeup lover Sabrina (@sabrinaahassann) shares a sweet moment she had bonding with another woman on a plane.

Sabrina was sitting in the middle seat of the row on a standard commercial flight, and next to her in the aisle seat was an older woman named Linda, who was a stranger to Sabrina.

As Sabrina began to apply and touch up her makeup, the woman next to her noticed and was quite interested in it all. Before Sabrina knew it, the woman asked if she would do her makeup too!

An onlooker, as well as Linda, recorded the sweet moment, and you can see both of the women smiling from ear to ear as they bond over beauty products and application techniques.

Sabrina started gently applying some face makeup to Linda’s face using a brush, and Linda was already shocked by the look of her skin. Sabrina also applied some bronzing powder on Linda for a bit of warmth and showed Linda how to do the famous fish face for perfect application.

Soon enough, someone walking by, likely a flight attendant, noticed the interaction, and Linda excitedly explained to her what was going on.

“She’s an Instagram makeup artist, so I made her do my makeup,” she said as both of the women laughed with each other.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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