The Bar At Your Wedding Is Likely To Be A Popular Hangout Spot For You And Your Guests, So Here Are A Few Design Ideas To Make It Memorable

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The bar at your wedding is likely to be a popular hangout spot for you and your guests. Whether they want a glass of wine or a sip of their favorite cocktail, weddings are a popular event for people to let loose and get their drink on!

If you’ve been working hard to make everything at your wedding beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, then you know that determining the look of the bar is no different.

Feature Flowers

The floral decor is such a classic at weddings and is often an integral part of the whole day. If you can’t get enough of the flower feel, consider incorporating them into your bar display.

You can choose to place small and dainty or large and bold flower arrangements on the bar.

Or, you could even decorate the entire base of the bar with flowers, creating a type of flower wall that is sure to be a beautiful piece. If you want to add florals in a more subtle way, think about having floral garnishes added to your guests’ drinks for a pretty and fun touch.

Roll Out The Bar Cart

If you’re a fan of bar carts as pieces in your home, feel free to roll one out at your wedding ceremony! The cart can be decorated in any way you would like and could be easily tied into the vibe of your existing decor.

If you love things with a vintage style, consider this option for guests to pick up their drinks from.

august.columbo – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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