She Shared An Adorable Video of Her Dog Begging Her To Pick Up His Toy After He Dropped It While Sitting On The Couch

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Pet parents will do pretty much anything for their dogs. And that includes spoiling them with tons of treats and all manner of toys.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by Forbes shows that 28 percent of dog owners actually spend more money on spoiling their pets than spoiling their significant others.

One pampered pooch knew he deserved the royal treatment after dropping his favorite toy and looking expectantly at his mom.

TikToker @alexandra.rose shared a video of her dog sitting on the couch while his crocodile toy can be seen on the floor next to the couch.

In the short clip, she repeatedly told him that she would not get the toy for him and demanded that he pick it up himself. All the while, her poor pup was whining in response, begging her to pick it up for him.

And funnily enough, when she stated that he was a “big boy” now, he shook his head in disagreement, as if he was telling her that he was still a baby. Finally, after realizing his mom wasn’t going to budge, he hopped down from the sofa, scooped the toy up in his mouth, and scampered over to her.

The video received 1.5 million views, with several TikTok users urging her to pick up the toy and many others finding the situation all too relatable.

“You get that baby his toy right now!!!” commented one user.

“We did this for my puppy when he was too small to jump off the bed to get it himself, now that he’s bigger he still looks at us when things drop,” shared another.

kvladimirv – – illustrative purposes only

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