She Kept Turning Down Hangouts With Her Friend Group Because Certain Moms Always Brought Their Kids, And Her Friends Finally Caught On To Her Pattern

Nicolas Micolani - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has a friend group that consists of seven other women, and she knows them all from college. But she is one of the only women in her group who does not have children.

Two of her friends are currently pregnant with their first kids; meanwhile, three of her other friends already have children.

So, they all rarely meet up as a group– despite living in the same city. In fact, she has only seen all of them about twice over the past year.

Whenever someone does ask to hang out, they all try to find a date when they are all free. But, usually, one of the moms will always ask if they can bring their kids along.

Then, the second mom will always say yes before anyone else has a chance to answer. It’s only the third mom who usually would prefer to have a child-free evening.

According to her, all three of the current mothers do have husbands who can watch their kids at home. The moms also have involved parents who would be able to watch the children for one night.

Yet, she claimed that her friends are “somehow” never able to find anyone to babysit. That’s why she’s actually stopped responding in the group chat until she knows the plan.

“I’ve stopped answering until they’ve set a time and place, someone has asked about kids, and I say I can’t make it,” she revealed.

“I hang out with them one-on-one or in smaller groups instead.”

Nicolas Micolani – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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