She Kicked Her Brother-In-Law’s Family Out of Her House And Made Them Homeless After Her Nephews Destroyed Her Things

Impact Photography - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever let someone stay with you during a hard time, only for them to take complete advantage of you and your home?

This recently happened to one woman who had to kick out her brother-in-law and his family after they destroyed her home, which she let them stay in after they got evicted.

She’s 30-years-old and is married to her husband, who has a brother who’s a few years older than him. They recently let her brother-in-law, his wife, and their two young boys stay with them at their house because they got evicted and her brother-in-law lost his job.

She’s had issues with her brother-in-law’s family in the past, but for the sake of his young sons, she agreed to let them stay. However, she did set some rules. She asked that her brother-in-law stay active in his job search and that his family cleans up after themselves and respects their home.

Unfortunately, none of them listened and have been destroying her home since they arrived.

Her two young nephews have been running wild. Not only have they been making a mess everywhere, but they are also very destructive. They’ve colored on the walls, messed up her plants, left their toys everywhere, etc. One of them even peed on the couch, and since her sister-in-law didn’t do anything about it, she didn’t notice the uncleaned mess until she could smell it while watching TV.

Her sister-in-law claims to be a stay-at-home mom but has done hardly anything to help her take care of the house and doesn’t parent her boys. She has no control over their wild behavior and sits in her room most of the day. Additionally, because her sister-in-law is a picky eater, she cooks separate meals from her family. Which is fine, but she doesn’t clean up after herself or her kids.

“I’ve not been able to comfortably live in my own space for the past few weeks,” she explained.

“My husband could sense my frustration, so he told me he’d have a talk with them and hire a maid to clean our house.”

Impact Photography – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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