She Slept With A Guy On The First Date, And It Broke Her Heart When He Ghosted Her Right After That

hedgehog94 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old girl recently went out on a date with a 27-year-old guy whom she met through a dating app.

They had started texting back and forth, and she felt a really great connection. They then agreed to meet up in real life for their date.

On their date, they both did have a lot to drink, but she says they were genuinely bonding. This guy was paying her a lot of compliments during their evening together, and he was showing a vulnerable side with her too.

He filled her in on some details about how awful his ex was to him, and he began crying while he told her about his past.

She did her best to make him feel better before changing the topic. Right after that, they hugged and even kissed one another.

This was actually really special for her because she has never before kissed a guy on a first date in her life.

“The guy described his type as cute, funny, and smart while looking into my eyes,” she explained.

“And that is literally me. Then he said yeah, basically you. He was my type too! He kept making plans for the next time we meet. He kept saying that we shall do this and that on our next date!”

He also held her hand during the night, and he even held onto her as they left the pub they had been at together.

hedgehog94 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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