She Unexpectedly Received A Stranger’s Groceries After They Were Mistakenly Delivered To Her Door, And What They Ordered Was Pretty Extravagant

ID 186691009 - © Lightfieldstudiosprod - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever received a package you didn’t order? TikToker @thehanniediaries unexpectedly received a stranger’s Whole Foods order after it was mistakenly delivered to her door, and their taste in groceries blew her away.

Before diving into the bags, she knocked on her neighbors’ doors, asking if they had ordered any groceries, but no one claimed them.

So, she reached out to the customer service center to alert them of the mix-up. She was allowed to keep the groceries free of charge, and luckily, the original recipient would get a replacement/refund.

Now that she had gotten the all-clear, she decided to unbox the stranger’s groceries. What she found seemed to indicate that this person lived a very luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

First, she pulled out two packages of beef bone broth, a chicken bone broth, several boxes of fig bars, a loaf of bread, peanut butter, dried mangoes, scallions, and yet another bone broth.

Next, there were broccoli florets and a chopped salad kit. Then, some frozen foods–fries, tater tots, and sweet potato fries.

This next item she described as “peak luxury.” She displayed a carton of 18 eggs, and they weren’t just any eggs. They were organic pasture-raised eggs that cost over thirteen dollars!

After that shocking discovery, she moved on to the produce, which included two avocados, two peppers, two apples, and a bunch of bananas. Finally, the haul ended with tortillas, oat milk, cheese, three packs of bacon, and some chicken.

She even tried to figure out what meals the original recipient had planned to make with their groceries. For breakfast, it seemed like they would use the bread, peanut butter, and bananas. Or maybe the eggs and bacon wrapped in a tortilla as a breakfast taco.

ID 186691009 – © Lightfieldstudiosprod – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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