She Wants Her Fiancé To Buy Her A Brand New Engagement Ring Since Her Friend Recently Got Engaged And Her Ring Is Twice As Big

A 33-year-old woman named Kate got engaged to her 35-year-old fiancé last summer, and they’re set to get married this upcoming November.

Kate’s fiancé has a 35-year-old friend named Aaron who recently asked his 30-year-old girlfriend named Amber to marry him.

Kate and her fiancé went to Aaron and Amber’s house for a party on the 4th of July, and they were all having a wonderful time.

While they were there, Kate and another one of the female party guests asked Amber if they could take a look at her new engagement ring.

The women fawned over Amber’s ring, and then Kate asked her what stones her ring had. Amber replied that there were 40 diamonds in the ring’s band, and then the center diamond was 1-carat.

“41 diamonds and 3 carats total, technically a solitaire with an elaborate band, and no halo,” Kate’s fiancé explained.

“Kate said that wasn’t possible on their budget. Amber looked at her ring and said it looked like diamonds to her.”

“But Kate brought up how their budget was $1500 like ours was for Kate’s ring, and Aaron must’ve gotten cheated. Kate’s ring is a half-carat solitaire.”

Now, at this point, Kate’s fiancé was bewildered as well, since he had actually gone to help Aaron select Amber’s engagement ring.

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