She Wants To Write Her Neighbors A Letter Threatening To Call Animal Control After Their Dog Ran Straight Into Her Car

ID 87800014 - © Blanscape - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Neighbors can be helpful and friendly, but they can also be frustrating. When we have neighbors who aren’t the most responsible pet owners, that can cause a lot of issues.

This woman lives in a southern state and in a rural town.

Where she lives, seeing dogs roaming outside and occasionally running after cars is the norm. But her neighbors a quarter of a mile away from her house don’t wrangle their dogs at all, which is causing constant dangerous situations on the road.

“They have two dogs, which are nuisances. It started with their first dog, a Great Pyrenees. Every time you drive by their house (which is every time you drive because that’s how you get out of holler and into town), their dog will run in front of your car as if the thing is trying to get hit!” she said.

A woman who lives at this house seems like she at least cares about the dog’s well-being because even though the dog doesn’t respond, the woman will stand outside and repeatedly call the dog’s name until the dog finally runs away from the car.

The man that she’s seen outside this house, though, doesn’t do anything to try to get the dog out of the street. He just stands around, watching his dog, not bothering to try to call it back to him. It’s as if he doesn’t worry about the welfare of his dog or the people driving by.

“Now, the worst part is they recently took in a stray, reddish-brown dog and a white sheepdog-looking pup. The Pyrenees has taught this dog how to run in front of cars, making it almost impossible to doge them both coming at different angles. I have yelled at the dogs, honked excessively at the dogs, and yelled to the neighbors to get their dogs,” she shared.

Unfortunately, her neighbors haven’t done anything to reign in their car-chasing dogs.

“Today was my breaking point. I took my boyfriend to work, and as we were leaving, the dogs were both outside and came full speed at the car,” she continued.

ID 87800014 – © Blanscape – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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