She Went On A Coffee Date With A Guy Who Just Ordered Steamed Milk With Nothing Else

Antonioguillem - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What do you think is the biggest red flag when you’re going to date somebody? To many people, an adult who enjoys casually drinking whole milk is a walking red flag.

A TikTok creator named Emily (@thatcutecrazygirl) is sharing about how she went on a coffee date with a guy who ordered milk as his preferred beverage.

So at first, he asked if she wanted to go out for drinks. However, she told him that she doesn’t drink alcohol. He suggested they go out for coffee instead. Emily is an avid lover of coffee, so she agreed.

They met up in front of a coffee shop, and everything was going well until they went inside to place their orders. Then, he revealed that he actually did not drink coffee.

Luckily, the coffee shop offered tea and other options, so that wasn’t a problem. Emily ordered an iced coffee with almond milk, which is a pretty standard drink order.

But things took a very weird turn when it came time for him to order. He asked for steamed milk with nothing else–just plain steamed milk. Emily isn’t very picky about the people she dates, but a guy who drinks whole milk is a red flag for her.

“I can date anyone…really, all you need to date me is a running heartbeat, and you like me. But if you drink whole milk, I don’t know,” she said.

During the entire date, all she could talk about was the fact that he drank whole milk. She also mentioned that she hadn’t drunk a glass of whole milk since she was around three-years-old.

Several TikTok users agreed with Emily that it is best to steer clear of adult milk drinkers whenever possible.

Antonioguillem – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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