She Went On A Few Dates With A Guy Who Said He Totally Views Her As A Wife, But They Wouldn’t Be Good Together

speed300 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman went out on two different dates with a guy, and she thought everything was going great between them.

Right after their second date, they even discussed going out on a third date, and the only thing she was waiting on him for was to confirm all the details for date three.

On the morning they were supposed to go out again, he called her up, and she could tell that he was completely panicking.

He said sorry to her for not having gotten all of the details together for later on that evening, and the date wound up not happening.

A couple of weeks after that incident, she could tell that things were kind of fading between them, and the end of them was drawing closer.

He then said to her something that left her completely and utterly shocked, and she’s still struggling with how to even process it.

“While we do get along well, and I do view you as a wife, I’m not particularly confident that we’d be a fit for a relationship,” he informed her.

“Dear people (especially men), please, can someone tell me what this means?” she wondered. “I am confused, typically, guys would say they could date you but not marry you, and this seems to be the other way around.”

“I am a bit thrown off by this, any clarification/explanation would be helpful, lol.”

speed300 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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