She’s Refusing To Attend Her Best Friend’s Wedding Because Her Friend Wants Her To Cover Up Her Tattoos

olegparylyak - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Ever since this woman and her best friend, Emma, were kids, they’ve always shared every single major life milestone with each other.

“Naturally, when Emma got engaged, I was thrilled and looked forward to standing by her side during her big day,” she recalled.

But, for context, she has various tattoos that all hold personal meaning. None of the images are inappropriate or offensive.

However, her tattoos are definitely colorful, large, and noticeable– especially when wearing certain garments, like a bridesmaid gown.

Anyway, this past weekend, Emma invited her over and asked if she could “help with some items.” She figured she would be pitching in with tasks for the wedding– which is set to take place next month.

However, her best friend hit her with something much more unexpected.

Apparently, Emma just handed her a business card for a makeup artist and asked her if she would be willing to get her tattoos covered for the wedding. Plus, her best friend even offered to pay for the service.

Emma claimed to want the wedding pictures to have a “timeless look,” and her best friend thought her tattoos would just stick out.

“I was taken aback,” she admitted. “My tattoos represent significant milestones, memories, and experiences in my life.”

olegparylyak – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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