She’s Sharing A Valuable Message About Self-Confidence, Along With A Few Steps To Help You Be More Confident

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Confidence is the thing that helps you reach your fullest potential and conquer whatever challenges life throws your way.

When you’re confident, you are less likely to back away from opportunities, and if you aren’t successful at something the first time around, having confidence will allow you to try again.

For many people, learning how to build confidence is an ongoing effort. Sometimes, it seems that right when you need it the most, your confidence levels can plummet to an all-time low, down into the depths of a deep, dark pit, never to be found again.

One of the most precious pieces of information you can learn in life is that confidence is not a special trait that some people are born with.

Sure, it comes to certain people more naturally, but confidence is actually a skill that can be acquired.

If you have specific areas of life you want to build more confidence in, whether with work or relationships, here is some advice you can follow.

Dr. Julie (@drjuliesmith) is a psychologist, and she’s on TikTok sharing a valuable message about self-confidence.

“If you’re waiting to feel more confident before you start doing that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, stop waiting for confidence to just arrive,” began Dr. Julie.

“It’s not coming. Confidence doesn’t come first; action does. And the thing that you do every day will become your comfort zone, so if there’s something you want to master but it makes you nervous, do it as much as you possibly can.”

mimagephotos – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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