She’s Showing You A Cute Cookout Display She Made On Her Kitchen Countertop So You Can Take Advantage of The Last Days of Summer - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Take advantage of the last days of beautiful warm weather and seize the opportunity to host a cookout and create a feast to remember.

Since this will probably be your final cookout of the summer, the party must be an enjoyable experience for all in attendance.

Delicious food and good company are only part of what makes a gathering so memorable and special. How you set up your cookout can also make or break the get-together that concludes the season. And, of course, you want to go out with a bang.

So, if you need inspiration on how to cultivate a fantastic atmosphere, TikToker Kayla Argyle (@_kaylaargyle_) is demonstrating how she arranged this cute cookout display on her kitchen countertop.

On a flat rectangular tray, she placed several bowls and containers, organizing a bouquet of flowers in one of the jars.

Then, she grabbed a three-bowl snack dish and poured three different types of chips into each bowl. Next, she put mini bowls meant for dips onto a two-tiered serving stand and placed plastic spoons into each bowl.

A collection of cute straws for drinks was placed in one of the containers situated on the flat rectangular tray.

A caddy filled with cups and silverware allowed guests to easily grab whatever it was that they needed and kept the table looking tidy.

Then, Kayla surrounded the objects with the food–candy salad, hamburger buns, condiments, and green-leaf lettuce. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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