She’s Upset With Her Cousin For Inviting Two People She Hardly Knows On Their Upcoming Vacation, And For Also Telling These People She’ll Pay For Where They’re Staying

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 Have you ever worked hard to plan a trip and then found out that someone you don’t like or hardly know will be tagging along?

One woman is very upset with her cousin who, at the last minute, invited two people she hardly knows on their upcoming international trip.

She’s 27 and is close with her 33-year-old cousin. They live abroad and decided to plan a trip to America last year.

She did all of the organizing, including putting a 50% deposit down on the Airbnb they’ll be staying in, which is non-refundable.

The plane tickets have been purchased, and they have everything they’ll need. However, she was recently given a shocking trip update from her cousin.

She was woken up in the middle of the night by her aunt, who said that her cousin had been calling and really needed to speak with her. So, she called her cousin back, and her cousin dropped a bomb on her.

“She tells me she has two mutual friends who heard through the grapevine that we were going to America, and they had asked her if they could come with us and stay at the Airbnb we had booked, which my cousin told them I would pay for,” she explained.

Her cousin had given these two ‘friends’ permission to fly to America with them, tag along on all of the activities they had planned, and stay in their Airbnb for no charge.

When she asked her cousin why she would let this happen without consulting her first, she said she figured it wouldn’t be a problem because their Airbnb has two spare rooms.

Pattarisara – – illustrative purposes only

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