He Walked Away From The Best Woman He Will Ever Find Because He Was Blinded By His Ego

“The day I left her, I was so inundated with guilt that I couldn’t face a conversation or compromise. In my head, I had to break up with her cleanly and then give her space to heal. The way she cried torments me two years later.”

“It took me months to realize how badly I messed up. I traveled a lot and drowned myself in work to try and cover it up. And rightfully, when I came crawling back, she made it quite clear that there was nothing to return to.”

He has promised himself that he will never mess up that badly ever again in his life, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he literally walked away from the best woman he will ever meet.

He knows he was blinded by his ego. He knows he couldn’t value respect back then when he was young.

“I thought I’d put this out there in the hope that someone reads this and remembers what is important,” he continued.

“It would be comforting to hear if anyone else has ever had a similar experience or has any wisdom that they can share.”

What advice do you have for him?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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