Her Brother Brought His Vegan Girlfriend To Her Dinner Party Without Telling Her Beforehand, And She Had Nothing For This Girl To Eat

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Have you ever had someone with dietary restrictions show up to a dinner party you were hosting at the last minute? It sounds like a nightmarish scenario, especially if you have nothing to serve them.

This happened to one young woman whose younger brother brought his vegan girlfriend to her housewarming dinner party without telling her beforehand. When his girlfriend didn’t have anything to eat, he made it look like it was all her fault.

She’s 23-years-old and recently moved into her first apartment, where she’ll be living by herself. In celebration of her new place, she decided she wanted to host a small housewarming dinner party. Because her place is a bit cramped, she only invited five family members and three friends.

She did her best to be a good host and spoke with all of her guests in advance to ask them if they had any dietary restrictions or allergies before deciding what to cook. A few people offered to bring drinks and dishes of their own, which she welcomed.

She ended up making a smaller rendition of a Thanksgiving dinner, with a small turkey, some chicken, potatoes, mac and cheese, a salad, etc. Some guests did bring other things, making it like a potluck-style dinner party. 

“My brother ended up coming a bit late, which isn’t too unusual, but he had a woman who he introduced as his girlfriend in tow,” she said.

“I didn’t really have a problem with it. I was thinking it would’ve been nice for him to tell me she was coming, but from the way he explained it, it was a last-minute decision.”

Just as everyone was about to serve themselves dinner, her brother’s girlfriend approached her and asked if any of the dishes around were vegan. She explained that although she hadn’t prepared any vegan dishes, one of her vegetarians brought a vegan stuffed pepper dish that she could eat.

While her brother’s girlfriend didn’t make any additional comments, her brother began chiming in and gave her grief for not having any other kinds of vegan food available for his girlfriend. 

FornStudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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