Her Disabled Ex-Husband Expects Her To Be His Caregiver So He Can Attend His Daughter’s Wedding

olegparylyak - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Divorce can be painful, and the aftermath can be difficult to navigate, especially when there are children involved.

Ex-partners have to try to walk the tightrope of maintaining civility, co-parenting, and attempting to put hurt feelings aside. Not all exes are able to maintain civil relationships without a lot of effort.

Five years ago, this 40-year-old woman got divorced. She and her ex-husband, 41, had been dating since they were in high school.

“He is disabled and uses a wheelchair because he cannot walk and can barely move his arms. We got along on most days for the sake of our kids,” she said.

Her ex-husband has a daughter from a previous relationship, and she is getting married. His daughter invited her to the wedding, and she is planning on attending.

“The ceremony is hours away from where we live. We will have to drive down, go to the dinner, the wedding, spend the night at a hotel, and go home the next day,” she explained.

Because of her ex-husband’s disabilities, this would be a lot of work for her.

“I know I will be fully exhausted after the wedding. I will then be assumed to help him get ready for bed, which includes getting him out of his suit and bringing all of this stuff in for bedtime,” she shared.

“Then, I’d have to pack it all up the next morning to go home. I assumed we would be bringing his helper person along to assist, but no. He expects me to do all this myself. I suggested we go down a day early, but this seems outrageous to him.”

olegparylyak – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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