Her Mom Called Her Mean For Not Wanting To Give Her Prom Shoes To A Little Girl To Wear On Her First Day of School

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This 19-year-old woman and her mother, 50, recently had a fight. Several months ago, she graduated from high school.

“I went to prom with a pair of lovely pink shiny shoes. One thing you should know first is that even though I’m 19, I’m really short (4’11”), and the size of the shoes is about a 4 or 5, which is a children’s size,” she said.

“These shoes are very formal, and I’m unlikely to wear them often or even ever again, but they have a huge sentimental value for me because they’re from prom.”

While her shoes didn’t cost a lot since they were children’s shoes, the memories that she has from prom night when she wore the shoes made them priceless.

“The daughter of one of my mother’s colleagues saw my prom pictures, and apparently, she really liked the shoes. She’s 10-years-old, by the way. She talked to my mother and asked her if she would give her my shoes as a present for the beginning of the new school year so she could wear them on the first day of school,” she explained.

Without speaking to her first and getting permission, her mother told the girl that she could have the shoes.

Today, her mother approached her and told her the situation and said that she’d be giving the girl her prom shoes. Her mother didn’t even ask her if it was okay.

“Naturally, I was really upset, and I explained to her that these shoes mean a lot to me and that I was also hurt that she promised to give away something of mine without asking me first. She started saying that I wouldn’t wear them again, that they would make the girl really happy, and that I had a chance to do something good for someone else. She also said that it’s pointless for the shoes to just stay in a drawer for years without being used,” she shared.

She responded to her mother and said that while she understood her perspective, she wanted to keep her prom shoes.

nikkimeel – illustrative purposes only

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