His Girlfriend Tried To Make Him Get Rid of His Elderly Dog Since She’s Too Expensive To Care For, So He’s Dumping His Girlfriend

prystai - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 27-year-old guy and his 28-year-old girlfriend have been together for 6 years. When he met his girlfriend, his dog was 5, and now his dog is elderly.

Pretty recently, he brought up getting a second dog to his girlfriend, and she did not like that idea at all.

His girlfriend told him that it’s not happening since dogs cost a lot of money as it is. But then she said to him, “Which reminds me, you should get rid of the brat we have right now because old dogs like her are so much more expensive.”

Right after those words left his girlfriend’s mouth, he pointed out to her that his dog is his best friend in the whole world, and he would never dream of getting rid of her.

His dog means everything to him, and she’s not something that can be discarded like trash.

“I told her that the dog matters more than money,” he said. “She got [furious]. She said that the dog should matter less than what she wants because we’ve been dating for 6 years.”

“I simply got up and left the room to calm down. The dog has never been a problem. She hasn’t had to do ANYTHING with her other than feed her at night when I’m at work.”

“The dog hasn’t ever been a problem in the time we’ve been dating. She’s mostly lazy, and the most she does is a daily walk that my girlfriend hasn’t ever had to do. I’ve owned this dog for longer than we’ve been dating, and this dog gave me the love that I wasn’t able to get from anyone.”

He thought about how he could convey to his girlfriend that giving up his beloved dog will never be an option.

prystai – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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