Her Roommate Accused Her of Cheating On Her Boyfriend, But It Later Came Out Her Roommate Was The One Cheating After Sneaking Out of Their Apartment Window For Months

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TikToker Taylor (@taylormathis117) is talking about how her roommate accused her of cheating on her boyfriend, but it later came out that her roommate was actually the one who had been cheating.

After graduating from college, Taylor got her first job offer as a sports reporter in Nebraska. The news director put her in contact with another girl who had just started at the TV station, and they also happened to be the same age.

The two girls got in touch, found out they had a lot in common, and decided to be roommates. When they first moved in together, things were awesome. Taylor felt like she basically had a built-in best friend.

One big thing they had in common was that they both had long-distance boyfriends they had been with for years. Taylor’s relationship didn’t last long after she moved to Nebraska, but her roommate and her boyfriend were still going strong six months later. He visited them a few times, and Taylor thought he was a great guy.

Taylor and her roommate had been living together for eight months when everything started going downhill. Now that Taylor was single, she began to date. She ended up being asked out by a guy who was part of an indoor football league.

They got along well but were taking things slow because she had recently been in a long-term relationship, and he was moving back to California.

Eventually, Taylor introduced him to her roommate, and her roommate was a huge fan of him right away. She always talked about how great he was and pushed for Taylor to make it official with him.

When he moved back to California, they decided to continue talking and keep it casual and non-committal because their relationship was pretty new.

One night, Taylor and her roommate were at a bar with some other coworkers. A guy approached Taylor, and they chatted briefly before he asked for her phone number. Taylor gave him her number, and that was the end of it.

ah_fotobox – illustrative purposes only

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