She Kicked Her Boyfriend Out of Her House After He Left The Lasagna She Made For Dinner On The Counter All Night

marysckin - illustrative purposes only

This woman and her boyfriend are both in their 30s.

They have been together for two years, and, unfortunately, dating him hasn’t been smooth sailing throughout the majority of their relationship.

“It’s been rocky because he is unemployed, lives with his parents, and has a history of defensiveness that can make him uncomfortable to be around (this is related to his non-employment),” she said.

She has tried to be as patient as possible with her boyfriend, especially considering the fact that not long ago, he received a severe diagnosis that has changed his entire life, and she believes that he’s a good person deep down.

However, she now doesn’t have any patience left.

“My boyfriend often stays at my house for days at a time and enjoys my cooking. I made a from-scratch lasagna, all the way down to pulling the tomatoes out of the garden,” she explained.

“We had a spoken agreement that he would tidy up after. After I ate, I went upstairs, had a bath, and fell asleep in bed.”

She works as a communicable disease epidemiologist, and she has had numerous conversations with her boyfriend about how serious and crucial food safety is.

Because she studies the statistics, she pays close attention to the way she prepares and handles food in order to avoid getting herself or anyone else sick.

The following morning, she got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. To her shock and horror, her boyfriend had left the lasagna on the counter all night long, so it had gone bad.

marysckin – illustrative purposes only

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