She’s Convinced Her Best Friend Is Haunted After She Tried To Communicate With Her Boyfriend, Who Tragically Passed Away

Mariia Korneeva - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s best friend’s boyfriend tragically passed away this year.

He had also been one of her friends, so she is grieving this loss, too.

“Since his passing, my friend has gone to all sorts of lengths to ‘communicate with him,'” she said.

As a way to cope with her grief, most likely, her friend sought out mediums, and she’d told her friend that she shouldn’t do that.

“I assume she’s used a Ouija board as well (I saw one in her closet the last time I visited). Since her attempts at communicating, lots of activity has started in her home. Lights were flickering, and objects were moving on their own. Even his urn was knocked over in the middle of the night,” she explained.

While her friend believes that it’s her late boyfriend trying to talk to her, she doesn’t agree.

“I have a gut feeling it’s a bad entity trying to trick her. It sounds like poltergeist activity, not a loving one trying to communicate,” she shared.

She hasn’t yet shared her opinion with her friend because she doesn’t want to upset her. However, she’s concerned for her friend.

When she was a child, she spent many years living in a house that had been built in the 1700s. Throughout her time in this house, she had multiple experiences with both good and evil spirits. When she encountered bad spirits, they caused a lot of chaos.

With all of her lived experience in the back of her mind, she doesn’t know how to approach this situation with her friend. She obviously understands that because her friend is grieving, she is seeking possible answers. But she’s also terrified that something insidious could be communicating with her friend.

Mariia Korneeva – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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