She Used To See The Ghost Of Her Great-Grandpa When She Was Just A Little Kid, And Her Parents Would Wake Up To Her Laughing And Playing With Nobody In The Middle Of The Night

kaloriya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Heather, a 39-year-old woman, lives in Scotland, and when she was less than 1-year-old, her mom’s grandpa, Tom, sadly died due to complications from a stroke. Before his death, Heather and her mother went to see him and her great-grandma every day.

Tom cared deeply about his family and loved Heather. Since Heather was an infant during this time, most of the stories about these visits were from what her mom told her.

Her mom said that during the visits, she let him enjoy quality time with Heather. Tom played with Heather, tickled her, and adored hearing her cute giggles.

“About three months after he passed away, my mother and father were awakened one night with the sound of laughter coming from my bedroom. When they both entered my room, they found me laying in my cot, rolling around, giggling,” Heather said.

Her parents calmed her down and got her back to sleep, brushing the experience aside. However, the same thing happened the next night and each night after that.

For about two months, Heather’s parents were awoken by her, laughing and playing in her cot in the middle of the night.

From her dad’s perspective, the situation was strange and scary, and her mom and her mom’s family members hypothesized that a spirit was potentially with her at night.

Over the next several weeks, Heather became more vocal and used sounds and words. She began expressing hints of what happened during the night and why she was laughing so much.

“One night, my parents were woken up by the sound of my laughter and could hear me shouting, ‘Man!’ They quickly entered my room to find me standing in my cot, staring at the bed directly across from me,” Heather explained.

kaloriya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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