A Convicted Felon Tailgated Him Through Dangerous Mountain Roads, And When He Called 911 For Help, The Operator Said All The Police Officers Were Between Shifts

Jeremy Bishop - - illustrative purposes only

Years ago, this man worked as a surveillance investigator. He looked into insurance claims and people who reported work-related injuries.

He investigated people to ensure the people alleging to have been harmed on the job were telling the truth. Sometimes, people attempt to commit fraud to earn money when they haven’t been hurt at work.

Over a decade of full-time investigating, he witnessed strange things, especially since he was assigned a new case every few days.

On one occasion, he witnessed criminals riding on horses in the middle of downtown in a large city. Sketchy things happened in unsafe neighborhoods that terrified him.

The most terrifying situation happened 20 years ago. He was working a case in a fairly rural area, and these cases were usually the most difficult.

During the case, he had to arrive at the scene at 6 a.m., check the vehicles nearby, and run the license plates through their system to ensure they matched the person who filed the insurance claim.

“Then, you mostly watch for the registered vehicle to depart if you find one. This place had one car in the driveway with no plates, which was unusual,” he said.

“You are also provided the person’s age/height/weight and, in rare cases, a picture. So, I knew this was a guy in his mid-30s and was average height and weight.”

On the first day of this case, the man had left his house before he arrived at the area. The procedure entailed that he had to knock on the door if he couldn’t verify the person was home by 10 a.m. (four hours after arriving at the person’s home).

Jeremy Bishop – – illustrative purposes only

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