Two Young Princes Disappeared From The Tower Of London In 1483, After Being Taken There For Safety

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Are you drawn to true crime and murder mysteries? Most of us are. Stories of crime and suspense offer a lot of intrigue, allowing us to experience menacing events without the actual danger.

So, here’s a real-life whodunnit for you to latch onto. See if you can piece together the clues of this complex, princely puzzle.

In the late spring of 1483, Edward V and his younger brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, were taken to the Tower of London for their protection.

At the time, they were just kids. Edward V was next in line to become king. By mid-summer, they had vanished, never to be seen again, and their uncle took the throne.

Many people assume that the uncle had his own nephews killed to eradicate any competition for the throne, but the real answer is unclear.

The disappearance of the two princes is the most baffling mystery in British royal history. Keep reading for more fascinating details.

The young princes were the only two sons of King Edward  IV and Elizabeth Woodville. When their father passed away in April 1483, they were 12 and 9 years old.

Before the king’s death, he designated his brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as Lord Protector of Edward V, who was the next heir in line for the throne.

The Lord Protector ruled over the country while the English monarch was still too young or unable to rule.

sborisov – – illustrative purposes only

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