She’s Worried That Not Serving Meat At Her Wedding Is Going To Cause Issues With Her Mom

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This 26-year-old woman and her fiancée, also 26, are in the wedding planning process. While they don’t have a huge budget, planning has been going well so far.

They were researching caterers, and they tracked down a company that would serve the food directly to the guests instead of offering only a buffet-style option.

Another huge plus was that this catering company offered a completely vegetarian menu.

“I’m talking stuffed portobello mushrooms, stuffed peppers, lentils, scalloped potatoes, quinoa pilaf, bread pudding, and a whole lot of other tasty mains and sides. I am not vegetarian. I do eat fish on occasion, but my fiancée is completely vegetarian. We also have several people coming to our wedding from different cultural backgrounds, including my fiancée’s Jewish father, our Jewish roommate, and Muslim friends of ours, all of whom have never eaten pork,” she said.

She and her fiancée also have friends coming to the wedding who have gluten allergies. On their wedding website, they have a section where guests are able to list their allergies so that they can keep those in mind.

They are also going to make sure to put their menu on the website as well, and they’ll have a note to state that the whole menu is vegetarian.

The most important thing to her is that her fiancée isn’t worried about whether or not there is meat in any of the food she’s planning to eat at their wedding.

“That’s a problem she struggles with almost every time we go out to eat with friends and family or go to family functions at other people’s homes. She usually ends up eating chips and guac or just sides of potatoes. She can’t even eat the traditional tortillas my family makes because it contains lard,” she explained.

Throughout the planning process, she’s been keeping her mother in the loop. Today, she told her about the catering company that she and her fiancée are considering for the wedding.

Juan.paz1 – illustrative purposes only

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