Her Husband Said She Should Stay In The Kitchen And Make Lunch For Him Since That’s Her Job, And He’s Upset She Told His Sister And Got Him Yelled At

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This woman admits that her husband occasionally cracks jokes that she hardly finds funny at all. In fact, her husband’s jokes really irritate her.

When she does get upset about his jokes, he tries to calm her down by claiming they’re just meant as jokes, so she should not take what he says seriously.

Regardless, she believes her husband is not being respectful with his jokes at all, and they still bother her greatly.

A weekend ago, she and her husband went to a family event at his mom and dad’s house. While they were having a private conversation, he cracked another one of his jokes that deeply hurt her.

“He said I should stay in the kitchen with the other women and make lunch for him and the men in the family because that was my role,” she explained.

“He laughed at his own joke and expected me to laugh, too, but I didn’t find it funny at all.”

“I got angry and told him…that I wasn’t his maid. He said I was overreacting and that it was just an innocent joke. He said I had no sense of humor and that I should relax.”

She walked off into the living room alone, and her sister-in-law (who is her husband’s sister) instantly recognized that she was not happy.

Her sister-in-law questioned her about what had happened to cause her bad mood, so she didn’t lie to her.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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