She’s Discussing How You Shouldn’t Allow Your Children To Act When They See A Service Dog

Photo 236978896 © Grejak - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Sometimes, I think that in today’s society, people have a sense of entitlement that knows no bounds. People think that they are owed something just because. Or people not respecting others’ boundaries.

One situation that I see constantly happening is people disrespecting the boundaries of service dogs and their handlers.

I love seeing videos of service dogs doing what they were trained to do, and I love being able to learn about some of the processes and training steps these animals have to go through to be affected by their owners. And the training and cost of these animals aren’t cheap.

One Tiktoker shared a video of what not to do when you see a service dog and what is good behavior when you see a service dog.

You would think that it would be common knowledge that when you see a service dog wearing the service dog vest and other indicators that it is working, you don’t interfere with what the handler and dog are doing.

I know that I’m guilty of asking people if it’s okay to pet a dog or cat. But I have never in my life thought that it was my right to touch any animal.

One service dog, Jake, and his handler have experienced good interactions and bad interactions with people on a regular basis.

“How not to let your kid act around service dogs. Little girl: runs over and pets. Me: oh, please don’t touch, please don’t touch, hunny, thank you. Dad: just stands there,” she shared.

I know that little kids don’t know any better and that they rely on their parents for guidance, but who lets their kids walk up to a stranger and a strange dog? That is so irresponsible.

Photo 236978896 © Grejak – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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