This Dad Says Parent Chaperones Left A PTA Event For Kids When They Weren’t Allowed To Drink

Photo 123171404 © Kyrylo Vasyliev - - illustrative purposes only

Most people who enjoy the occasional drink understand that there’s a time and place to crack open a cold one.

It starts to become a problem when you cannot get through a family-friendly event that is geared toward children without drinking alcohol.

Father and TikTok creator Daniel Patterson (@pattersonperspective) shares a story of the time he went to a PTA event and was super confused by the other chaperones’ behavior.

Daniel decided to be a chaperone at a movie night for his daughter, who’s in the 6th grade. While it wasn’t considered a school event, it was still a PTA event, and a lot of parents agreed to chaperone as well.

However, the majority of these “chaperones” resigned from their duties pretty soon after the night had begun.

At the start of the night, one of the parents walked in with a large cooler and asked the hostess if it could be put on some ice for the parents.

A bit confused, the hostess opened up the cooler to find it filled with alcoholic drinks and refused to put it on ice.

“The alcohol does not go on the ice; it stays in the cooler, and it gets put underneath the table. It goes into a timeout,” Daniel said.

“Because this is a kid’s event, this is not a family party. This is like a school 6th grade PTA movie night.”

Photo 123171404 © Kyrylo Vasyliev – – illustrative purposes only

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