She’s Hilariously Explaining The Drama Going Down Between Her Cats And Who Gets To Sit In The Best Spot On Her Bed

Konstantin Aksenov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

If you’ve ever been in a house with cats, you are well aware of how territorial they can be when someone new comes into their home. My cat is very attached to certain spots she sits in our house, and she likes to be underfoot.

But I know that if my boyfriend and I decided to ever introduce another cat into our house, Darcy would definitely be the alpha cat.

One Tiktoker is sharing something along the lines of sibling rivalry between her two cats. Kirby Johnson shares how her two cats are vying for the primo spot on the bed when it’s time to sleep, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

“This might sound silly to some people, except for cat owners, but I have cat drama going on,” she started.

“Now, see this spot right here. This is my cat Bubba’s designated pillow. I sleep here, she sleeps on the pillow that is running parallel to my body. Always.”

“It doesn’t matter where we are. If we went to a hotel, I would put a pillow here parallel to me, and she would sleep on it. She would find it. She would know that that’s her spot. She never fails to get in this spot with me, and we sleep together.”

This has been true with every cat that I have had in my life. My cat Tiger had a favorite spot on my bed where he would take naps while I did homework throughout college and high school. His sister Sassy had a specific spot on the back of the larger couch in the living room.

No matter where in the living room the couch was placed, she would sit in the spot whenever she wasn’t begging for attention. My current cat, Darcy, is still figuring out where her favorite spot is going to be.

But I also know that if in the future we adopt another cat, she will be territorial in her space.

Konstantin Aksenov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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