These Handmade Halloween Dog Treats Are All Less Than $25

Witch’s Brew Cookie Box

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble! These next cookies are all witch-themed from Dante’s Doggie Delights!

You can get them here for $22.60 on Etsy

Witch Finger Dog Treats

Witch Finger Dog Treats image 0
Photo courtesy of Etsy

These dog cookies from Rex Bites look like little witch fingers!

You can get them here for $9 on Etsy

6 Piece Frankenstein And Pumpkin Cookie Set

6 Monster Frankenstein and pumpkin Dog Treats Pumpkin flavored image 0
Photo courtesy of Etsy

These cookies from Meatloaf’s Kitchen come in a 6 piece set and feature Frankenstein and pumpkins.

You can get them here for $7.88 on Etsy

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