Are You Battling Moles Or Voles? Here’s How To Identify Which Common Critter Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Garden While Keeping Them At Bay

kaliantye - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual animal

Navigating the world of garden pests can sometimes feel like deciphering a mystery, especially when it comes to differentiating between the notorious moles and voles. Both can cause disarray in your otherwise tranquil garden.

But you don’t have to be left wondering which critter is wreaking havoc on your garden any longer. Let’s talk about distinct characteristics, damage patterns, and preventive measures for each of these common pests.

Identifying The Culprits

At first glance, moles and voles may seem similar, but there are crucial distinctions that can help you identify them accurately.

Moles are solitary, subterranean animals with a distinct appearance. They have velvety fur that can range from gray to brown, spade-like front paws perfect for digging, and a pointed snout.

Their eyes and ears are also minuscule, often concealed by fur.

On the other hand, voles, sometimes referred to as field mice or meadow mice, bear a closer resemblance to regular mice. They have rounded bodies, small eyes, short hairy tails, and their fur color varies from brown to gray.

How Moles And Voles Affect Your Lawn Differently

Both moles and voles can leave signs of their presence, but the kind of damage they inflict is distinct.

kaliantye – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual animal

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