In 1965, This Toddler Mysteriously Disappeared From Her Home While Playing In The Front Yard

Facebook - pictured above is Elizabeth

It’s hard to imagine anything more horrible than coming home from a trip to discover that your baby is missing.

That happened to the parents of Elizabeth Gill, the two-year-old girl who vanished back in 1965 while being watched by her older siblings as her mom was on a trip and her dad was at work.

Elizabeth, also known as Beth, was born in 1962 and was one of ten children belonging to Harry Gill and his wife. She was known for being a sweet-natured and well-behaved baby. They lived happily in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, until 1965, when Beth went missing.

Sunday, June 13th, 1965, was the last time anyone had seen Beth, who was only two-years-old. She was under the care of eight of her siblings while her mom and two of her sisters were on their way home from a trip to Chicago, and her dad was at work.

Earlier that day, Beth was playing in the family’s front yard. But around 4:00 p.m., her siblings and other neighborhood kids realized she was gone. As her mom and sisters arrived home, they noticed it was surrounded by police and came home to the news that Beth was missing.

Police began searching along the Mississippi River and throughout the neighborhood, which contained a lot of people the Gill family trusted.

However, the morning after Beth went missing, a local mechanic called in a tip to the police. He allegedly told them a couple staying in a motel behind the Gill’s home had gone into his shop and were waiting for a car part for their 1965 Chevy truck to arrive.

When the part arrived on Monday, June 14th, the mechanic claimed to have called the couple at their motel but found out they had checked out around the time Beth had been reported missing. The police later learned that this couple had a history of traveling around using fake names and switching their license plates.

Since this information has been released, Beth’s older sister Martha has said in interviews she recalls seeing a woman near the motel trying to lure little Beth from their front yard toward her car.

Facebook – pictured above is Elizabeth

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